IT Companies in the Countryside

There’s been a movement in the past few years of tech companies in Portugal moving away from big cities.

The philosophy is to go to where the people are, instead of bringing them to where the company is. It is also a way of providing more quality of life to a collaborator that would otherwise be harder to achieve in a big city.

Advantages like shorter commute times, better quality of air, proximity to nature are some of the reasons cited for such move.

These benefits are also a key to having a good work-life balance, something that directly correlates to happiness at work. And that is (or should be) at the top of every company’s main goals!

On top of that, these moves also help the region: by opening offices there, they provide qualified jobs and overall help the local economy in a meaningful way.

There are many good examples of this phenomenon, not just in Portugal but also in other countries across the world. It’s a movement that is here to stay. We at Present applaud it and endorse it!

In fact, we are joining the movement and opening a new office in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned.

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